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Pánico: Termalismo de Benicàssim

80 min

Thermalism in Benicàssim, 1992. After 26 years of operation, the sanatorium definitively closes its doors to the public. Although economic issues were cited as the main reason, the owners suspect that people stopped coming due to the paranormal phenomena that occurred there.

The most notorious of all was the case of the death of a woman and her two children under strange circumstances. Many witnesses claim to have seen a female-shaped presence wandering the corridors of the Benicàssim Thermalism. Some assert that it is the mother of the two children seeking the culprit behind their deaths, although to this day, no one has been able to clarify the truth.

The neighbors claim that the screams and cries of the woman can still be heard in the now abandoned building. Today, you will have 80 minutes to decipher what happened there. Are you ready?


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