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Are you looking for something different?

Customized escape room

Try our personalized and themed adventures in museums, towns, and emblematic monuments. Culture and immersive tourism are the key.

Street escape

We offer you the possibility of living the experience of an Escape but using the streets of your city as settings with tracks and actors distributed throughout them.

Virtual escape

Transport yourself to our Escapes without leaving home. You only need a computer with a Wi-Fi connection. We provide the technology for an immersive experience.

Do you want a personalized experience?

Escape in times of dinosaurs

New remains have appeared in some excavations in Morella, but very important information has disappeared from archaeologist Andrea's office and she needs your help to recover it. A new discovery is at stake!

Get to know the Temps de Dinosaures de Morella museum in a different way.

Are you up for the challenge? Book or get information 607 626 505

Theft in the macvac

A piece has gone missing from the Vicente Aguilera Cerni Contemporary Art Museum, and the director needs your help urgently. Navigate through the museum and uncover the mystery. Will you be able to solve it?

Just click on the link and enjoy.

Go for the inheritance

Mr. García was passionate about 19th century modernist architecture in Castellón and has recently died. In an attempt to educate his children, he has hidden the inheritance in a safe at the end of a tour of the most emblematic buildings of this century.

More than 800 people have been able to walk the streets of the center of Castellón in search of this heritage. What is part of the game and what is not? Who acts and who does not? In order to reach the end and solve the enigma, you have to use logic, cooperation and work as a team. Immerse yourself in history, walk the streets of your city and discover it like you have never seen it before.

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